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Somehow, deep secret, Susan realized that Bethany Rose may have been a colored missus but she was still a woman, a woman who needed someone to help her.

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"Oh...yeah," he sighed. "Lets pass muster a harmonize."
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It took a little bit of effort for Colby to look at Suzanne’s society. “I feel a teensy-weensy pervy,” she told herself as she did it. Still, it was a casual to look at Suzanne that she wouldn’t take any other time after time. Suzanne’s jacket hung loose and the rise of one breast was in full conception. It wasn’t much of a breast. Suzanne wasn’t flat chested but she was certainly small. Colby couldn’t help sighing. “Neutral the personification I like,” she thought. Possibly it was an opposites whatchamacallit but a slim torso like Suzanne’s was what attracted her the most. Although she couldn’t convoy Suzanne’s hips and ass, those parts of her body were easy to charge of normally without being noticed. With as short as she was, Suzanne’s elevation was a bit intimidating but Colby meant it when she praised Suzanne’s legs earlier. They seemed to go on forever and were perfectly toned.

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-----"You're what?" Jason asked incredulously. "You're only fucking with us, right?"
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“Not anyway.” She forced a smile. “And, I still take you.”

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He hung up the phone, muttering something about 'I ought to stimulated that stupid dumbass...'
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“Someone, I don’t know who but I suspect our American friends, has kidnapped my baby and yours.”

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"Someone, I don't know who but I suspect our American friends, has kidnapped my baby and yours."
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