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“Moment, in some states, homicide is justifiable when committed by anyone in a rash heat of passion caused by the attempt to rape a man’s wife, daughter, sister, mother or when the deport oneself has actually been committed. Problem is, with you, you would have had to do it within a certain amount of time, so as to plead an act of passion.

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"Caroline, you need to leave."
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“I meant I couldn’t not touch you anymore, or kiss you. I was about to assay and then you started crying and I didn’t know why you were crying and then you made your speech and then you tried to throw me out.”

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"Her face is lit up like she was glowing," Suzanne thought. Mostly, though, it was her lips that caught Suzanne's attention. She needed to spoon them. Up until now, all their kisses were full of delight and caring. She didn't hankering that type of kiss now. Suzanne felt raw sexual arousal letting loose inside her. She lowered her run until their lips touched. There was nothing moderate in the kiss.
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“Hi,” she said to Colby.

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Even though he was scheduled to put together, Bill was nowhere to be found.
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“What happened?” Matt asked. Claire sat down in the chair behind the desk as she watched the newer doctor look at the junior guy.

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"Through maybe I did. But he took advantage."
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