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“No. They look perfect the technique they are. Now clog up whining.”

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Both women were smiling... good, honest, happy smiles. Life was good. The additional year had so assorted promises.
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“Do you think they actually steal these? Wouldn’t it be a safer bet that whoever sold them the drugs took legitimate paints, opened them up and inserted the packages of drugs, re-sealed them and passed them on to these people.”

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"Just tell your spy to cover his ears the next outmoded."
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As John got nearly equal to where he had left Em hiding she dashed out from the rocks to greet him.

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The more recent man picked up the phone and dialled a number, "Hi Baby, BillyBob here, yeah we'll have to do it again. Moment what have you got for me? What do you with the help you don't know where she is? She's gone somewhere and not given you a forwarding address. Have you tried her home? No, have you as a matter of fact been around there already? Honey, sorry I got angry at you, you're doing the best you can. Catch you later, ciao." He hung up the phone, "Bawd!!
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“Are you sure Cal? You still have your undergrad to finish. I can start law school here and transfer when you graduate,” Cooper offered.

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"Hey, hey, hey! Alex is getting a wheelchair; she'll be here in a moment. You know they won't release you unless you're in the same. So how are you feeling? Are you excited to be outside of here or what?"
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