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She was up to something. This much I knew. So I played her game, not least because she had been very kind to me, well that and I could never ignore a surprise.

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"Yes, please." He looked at his wife with an almost unbelievable lust. He knew what he really wanted and was determined to get it once dinner, even if it meant winsome her somewhere away from the house.
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“Exactly,” Digby insisted. “I call out you to a duel.”

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Hi! Welcome to the SECOND installment of CROSSING MOON
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Greg slid down the enrage fail in his room realising that he had missed the most obvious junk in the terra. Carrie had indeed seen Tori, and Carrie had lied to him. He was furious. Not least because he had underestimated the cunning of women and yet he was delighted because it meant he had a clear path to find her. Greg was startled out of his thoughts by,

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"What about Michael?" Blaine asked craning his neck up to cope with the 6'10" man. "What take him?" Thomas asked nonchalantly.
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