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“Advise!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

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He willingly pushed those dark thoughts back into the box he had built about them and turning to the sisters subside his mind wander off in a more bosom direction. What it his imagination playing with his mind or did both sisters now start wearing tighter sweaters in the evening?
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‘Mhmm you’re so good..’ Lizzy moaned.

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'Mhmm you're so good..' Lizzy moaned.
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What do you think?? Thank you all soo much for your opportunity and feedback!! I trust you’re all leak!!

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"Hey gyves, don't say nuthin' about our wheels. It'll blow yours away any day." He had struck a sore point, they were proud of their machine and it was obvious that they hadn't had any serious rivals for their self-respect and joy.
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