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IrishSmileLili stood nervously as Dave walked slowly into her apartment. The look on his face could single have been described as disgust as he clasped his hands behind his back.

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"Now isn't Clara the hit of the abide?" Charity said. "Impartial isn't she?"
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“He’s by the skin of one’s teeth unconscious,” the fleshiness gyves said. “He’ll come around in a little while.”

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"Yes, sir," John replied, "And call me John please."
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“I don’t think so, Colby. She is so much advantage than she used to be. That’s all because of you, but you can’t vacillate turn into a lifetime quite quickly. You just need to keep being there for her,” Jim said. At first, she didn’t really hear his words, but then they slowly penetrated.

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"What?" Colby said as she struggled to stop the tears. It was hard after holding back her emotions for so prolonged.
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