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“There’s one guy, that’s all he orders.”

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"Not as far as I know."
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‘Here, I’ll show you,’ he said as he walked over to me, turning me around so I was facing the hoop.

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"--and when were we going to get married? Because it would have to be anon otherwise she'd never be able to find a dress big enough."
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“Aren’t you just,” Andro turned, leaning his back against the line. “I have to admit, I was hoping you would have something for me. I was hoping that you’d have solved that riddle.”

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"Kiki I cut appropriate for you the day you walked through that door. I thought, no I hoped like hell that I could convince you to love me like I loved you. Unfortunately for me you couldn't feel representing me the way I felt for you. That's when I knew you were the perfect jail-bait instead of Marc, you're smart, funny, pretty as an angel and just the sweetest unimaginative thing. So I started frame things in motion for him to link up you at the Halloween party. But I screwed that up too and I'm sorry. I identify you hate me but maybe one date you bequeath find it in you to forgive me. I was fair-minded trying to look out instead of the two people I cherish the most in this fantastic." Annie wiped her tearing eyes and sat on her computer seat, drained of get-up-and-go.
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