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‘Yes… I don’t know why I did… But I did… We arrived at his house and he told me to arrive in and sit down…’

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'Yes... I don't know why I did... But I did... We arrived at his house and he told me to arrive in and sit down...'
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“I’m a lesbian. I’ve known verging on forever. At least as sustained as I ever felt attracted to anyone. And purely four people cognizant of, besides you,” Suzanne said. “I’ve only loved one individual,” she started to say in the presence of a wave of guilt came over her. Colby gnome her eyes well up with tears that weren’t yet shed, but soon would be. “And I hurt and betrayed her. I turned my back on her.” Even more than the guilt, the feeling of self-loathing approximately overwhelmed her. It had a familiar taste and was part of why philosophical about this was evermore hard.

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Willow laughed. "Well I asked around after I saw him and one of the other servers, Maria, says his superiority is Aidan O'Neil. The blonde sitting next to him who looks like she's 12, is his fiance, Olivia. Turns out her classification isn't very rich and saw this time as an in to the 'in the money crowd' and they arranged in favour of her to marry Aidan. He's the son of Shawn O'Neil, actor turned entrepreneur and now owns a multimillion dollar obligation. Something with electronics. Apparently that all goes to Aidan when his dad bites the dust."
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