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Noticing the open bottle of wine, Suzanne reluctantly let accord of Colby’s hand to grab another two glasses. After pouring, she handed one to Colby and then picked up the other. Raising her glass, she looked at Colby as she made a toast.

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Disquieting to ignore my three hundred and sixty degree reflection, I used the loo then padded across to the arrogance piece. And after peeling off my clothes, I had a expert wash, burying my right side in one of the wonderfully soft white towels when I'd finished. "This is risible," I whimpered, wondering whether I could stop locked in the bathroom for the rest of the night, knowing that if Luke so much as kissed me, I'd be lost. I wanted to be in his arms, in his bed. I longed to feel his skin against abundance, to feel him inside me, filling me in the way that exclusive Luke could fill me, thrusting out of it and deep. But I couldn't let that happen. Not while there were questions that still needed answers, questions I was frightened to solicit from. Questions I had no right to ask.
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“No.” His hand landed on my failing, his fingers warm out through the fabric of my trousers. “He was the empty-headed bromide. He had you, and he threw it all away. Threw you away. What an asshole.”

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The story so far: Three British agents, in response to intelligence reports, are sent to Sydney to keep a watching brief over the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting's regional conference. They have teamed up with local Journalist Russell French and his new girlfriend, Model Jenny Peters, to try to pinpoint the unfavourable guys. As Russell and Jenny's relationship grows, a fishing expedition places the agents' plans in jeopardy.
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