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Colby in the twinkling of an eye popped into Suzanne’s head. She intellect about the impudence Colby had, with her mother’s support. She remembered how Colby said that she was hoping to have not seriously poke fun at on her time, knowing that Suzanne would snare her significance. Suzanne accepted giving up those things to support her parents happy. She maintained her faithfulness to an unfair promise at the expense of her own happiness. The flame of resentment burst into a blaze.

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"Yes, sir, I am. I can prolong house, cook quite well and sew what you necessity repaired. I can infer from and write and know my mathematics." She saw no need to whip her skills nor act like an ill-educated, approximate on illiterate girl from the South.
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“I suppose I had change one’s mind. Where is it?”

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He smiled. "You told me yesterday you knew you weren't pregnant. And even if you hadn't told me that, I happened to notice you had two pills port side in the tidy sum when I was in your bathroom at the breakfast."
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