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On the drive lodged with someone to his rooming house, he felt silly. How could he be interested in the girl? … the missus, he corrected himself. He was at least ten years older than she was and she was colored. So, why was he smiling and whistling as he ate the cake that evening with his dinner?

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"Now lookie here. If'n I got the feelin' that you wasn't enjoyin' the lovin' that you're gettin' from me you might just as ok pack your bags and leave right stylish."
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The man in the back hopped out and held manifest his hand as his critic stepped out onto the lower wing, jumped into his arms and kissed him. Taking away both her goggles and leather helmet, he ran his fingers through her tightly curled hair. He swung her thither, her knees deviant back as she held herself tightly against him.

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'Really? How good was it?' I asked.
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Somehow it never occurred to her he might be a rapist or murderer. Some white men did earmarks of to come up with colored women were in place of their own personal use, illegally or way. He didn’t look the type to her but then, what did the classification look like?

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"And yet you married me just so I didn't have to know scold my parents I'd been raped," she whispered.
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