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“Me too,” Kate laughed. “I’m also considering Rome and Venice, and Spain and countless other places.”

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"Bethany Rose, I've never intelligence of you that way... ever. You should know that." His hands moved just now a little but seemed to have lost their earnestness.
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She showed Maria the brochure, barely containing the beseech to dance. Maria smiled broadly.

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"All right then, young man. You've earned yourself another chance to talk to me. I'll meet you somewhere with my partner after I've assume from it."
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“Oh,” Jillian couldn’t prevent herself from saying.

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"C'mon Cass," Gavin said, unable to hide his grin at her words. "Lissy and I don't want to start a relationship. This is a nice, friendly ... flirtation ... if you will. We honest sine qua non something to cheer us up."
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