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Slowly Colby began to see a clearer paint. It wasn’t surprising, but everything changed after David died. The happy mother who pleased in doing things with her children disappeared. As a mo = ‘modus operandi’ of surviving, she immersed herself in the church and God. Suzanne was part of that life, but never again the center. The hut that David’s death left in the subdivision was devastating. It couldn’t be filled, especially for Suzanne. Numen wasn’t the answer for her, all the more so as she tried to deal with her emerging sexuality. The connection with her origin was lost. She went from humble town right to religious fanatic. There influence never have been a point where it was easy to talk to her nurture about her feelings, but after that it was impossible.

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"This is the Boss, she's cool. Tell you what, Helen, you reckon your case to the Boss and if she accepts it, then Helen, you're out of here."
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“Nothing, I was just tired.”

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"You shaved," Chad observed lightly.
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“Would you have walked? Maybe or got a slap on the wrist, if they even bothered to look into it at all, especially them being colored…

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Dawn raid on S.A. plantation.
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