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Beth had seemed to understand the need for confederation after Jasmine gave her the Lawyer’s letter for letter stating Luke’s aim to sue her someone is concerned custody, but was not at all pleased with it. She had still not really wrapped her head around Luke and Jasmine together, but she had not time to dwell on it as she was going away for a modelling shoot. She did control to wish Jasmine luck however believing the younger woman would actually need it.

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The sisters had written Luke high, but he was not to be easily dismissed. Jasmine was coming back from a visit to the obstetrician a week later, still reeling from what the man told her, the matrix person she wanted to see was Luke Randall leaning against their apartment's door.
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“If she were not my buddy’s widow,” William explained.

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"Well... all right, I have a few minutes unloose." The lawyer took a drink from his flask. "What do you want?"
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Suzanne paused for a moment to cause a deep breath before speaking. “I’m pitiable, Colby, of course not. I’ve just had a ballpark unfair morning. Putting out fires wasn’t how I planned on spending it.” Suzanne hoped that her grin came across as genuine as it really was.

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Usually prickly when it came to her independence, Suzanne found that she didn't temperament. On the dance floor, she felt off equal. She didn't know the rules yet, and knowing that Colby was there with a security net was reassuring. Even better, it seemed like Piper was okay with it too.
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