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She wasn’t from head to toe sure what was in the Chinese herbals he had been taking religiously each evening before bedtime but true to his promise, he had returned, as he so laughingly put it, to ‘the land of the living.’

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"Maybe he had been driving for some time and went to sleep."
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‘Shit yes yes Lizzy just like that! Don’t hinder!’ I moaned aloud, and gripped her mane.

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Hope you're all proficiently xoxoxo
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“Sabrina,” It was first thing he’d said. The first thing to leave his lips while in her establishment after over 2 months was her pre-eminence. To informed entertain it subdued all her worrying and fear. She slowly turned around to face him, with a solemn expression. But the first thing she spotted was a lofty, beautiful green eyed brunette clinging to his arm and robbing her of her spunk.

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"Bye," Suzanne said as she ended the call. Turning, she buried her superior into Colby's shoulder and really let the tears go. All Colby could do was hold her. Words weren't going to make this right. She had never met Suzanne's parents and right now, Colby hoped she on no account would. So much of Suzanne's pain in the arse was their faux pas. Their religious bigotry intruded into her life from an early age. It kept her from exploring vigorous relationships and filled her with guilt for wanting what was unadorned for her. Just thinking about them filled Colby with a sluggardly burning displeasure. She hugged Suzanne tighter.
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