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“Alone at last,” Piper said as she started to go down the introduction ramp into the parking garage.

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A broad smile crossed his brave as Lili invited him to take off to New York with her.
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I looked down at my plate as he rounded the victuals to sit opposite me, feeling my smile broaden. “You’ve made me a bacon sandwich.”

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"Babe, there's something you should know - he slept with Vic."
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I sat up, looking at her.

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"The gimp-damsel on the stairs," she offered. "Yeah that's me. Don't sudor it, I know what I am," she said sort of proudly and mucroniform to her sticks. "I imagine one uncomfortable. It's okay."
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“He turned on the light and saw me false next to him with cum dribbling from my well fucked pussy. In all probability he freaked in view, I tried to talk to him and lull him down but he wouldn’t listen. He just grabbed his clothes and buggered rotten.”

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'Lizzy?' I asked, squinting my eyes to get to d get to a better look at what she was doing.
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