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“I love you, too, PJ.”

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We finished with a trip of our facilities, having obtained a written undertake that they would not divulge where it was. I was reasonably confident that they would honor the agreement. This wasn't some tabloid newspaper, it was the respected science journal in the Coordinated States. I also reminded them that this wasn't the end of happening, and that there would be other products we might choose to share with them. I could manage the look in their eyes as that carrot was dangled in vanguard of them.
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When Suzanne seemed at a loss for words, Colby spoke up with a smile. “Not at all. We were just getting acclimatized.” That finally got Piper to on publicity to Colby. Her eyes flicked all over Colby first looking at how Colby had withdrawn her hand from Suzanne’s arm.

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I couldn't help but smile at that. "Well we only have about eight minutes left, so if you still wish to fuck me then you better focus on over here."
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‘Yes… I don’t know why I did… But I did… We arrived at his house and he told me to arrive in and sit down…’

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'Yes... I don't know why I did... But I did... We arrived at his house and he told me to arrive in and sit down...'
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