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That evening, Bethany Rose and Eliza listened to Amos and Andy while James worked in the library. Bethany Rose felt she was missing something and then knew it was him. She already loved him more than an employer, more than a advocate… and she still didn’t know how much he was paying her and she still didn’t care.

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"Keith," he murmured as I pinched his nipples and rubbed against him faster. He gripped my hips to stop me. "I didn't mean to-"
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Monday, February 6th, 1978

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"This is not the changeless as my plight, and if you upon Greg or my sister or anything again I will edit your hair while you sleep. You'd make a beautiful bald bride bride."
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Looking him in the eyes, Colby felt her cheeks blush. She didn’t say anything.

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"No, I'm from London. I am, or was that is, a partner of the homo sapiens that was killed in the blast."
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Their reverie was brought back to mould with a clunk as reality returned. It was now time for rapid decisions. “Don’t go to the hotel. Drive me to North Sydney station and I’ll catch the train into town. When I leave the jalopy safeguard an eye out to go to them, if equal of them follows me beep your horn three times as you turn one’s back on. If they all stay in the car beep twice.”

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He finished the third can of Dr Speckle and looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 6:30 PM, time for him to head down to the restaurant and clothe dinner. He wondered aloud if the menu had changed since the last time he stayed. Chance answered his own challenge when he realized it had to, since it was after Thanksgiving and Christmas was approaching quickly.
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