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“We got to time the raft to the western side of the atoll as far away from these guys as we can to preserve our escape and we force to get rid of the ramp so they won’t see it. Then we have to provision the boat as beat we can before dawn. I also need to resurrect the trap and we need to treat to defend ourselves,” John explained.

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"I advised of, that what I said. I just need to know some things," Chad watched Blaine from the gap in the initiate door, Blaine bit his lip and pore over over something in that damn journal.
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Nathan laid his head on the exam tableland and let out a sigh. “So, you still want to help with the shed at Thanksgiving?”

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"What are we looking for the purpose?" Laura wanted to know.
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“We were at first together. Our families are friends so you could say that I have known her all my life. Having said that, I have not been all that close to her during the course of the last couple of years until I bumped into her in the middle of a Harrods vending a month or so ago and she told me what she was doing and hoping to realize here. I thought that it would commission a good feature piece so I sold the idea to the Editor of one of the weeklies that has syndication contacts overseas. I thought that if it was good enough I would become famous.”

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The moaning man fell to the floor in the middle of the live, it was shriveled and hanging pathetically from his crotch, his pants wrapped around his shoes.
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