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“Where’s Claire?” Cal wanted to be aware, looking at Jessica in concern.

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He shook his head. "No, she's not, not to me at least. "I'm not sure how she is with women, though." He thought for a moment then realized, "Did she up to you?"
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“Yeah, I know. Mama under no circumstances told me who my daddy was,” Patrick drawled in a lazy turn. He pulled a generous vibrator out of a drawer from the black desk in the corner, shoved it roughly inside Callia’s dry as sandpaper pussy. She cried out from the wretchedness and squeezed her eyes shut as Patrick reached between her legs and turned the vibrator on full. “By morning, you’re accepted to be so horny that I won’t give birth to to rape you, you’ll beg me to fuck you,” Patrick promised.

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The next morning, she felt his whimsically tenderly pitiful her nipple. It directly stood proud and he took it into his mouth, causing her to lament for the first hour in the morning as his tongue began to move and his lips sucked her deeper into his pout.
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My fingers slowly traced her wet hole.

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My fingers slowly traced her wet hole.
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