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“We’ll keep hammering them every time a hip shipment comes in until they get furious and connection their suppliers for emergency supplies, when that happens we hit them.”

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"Look, I be informed it indubitably won't help, but I know exactly how you feel. In your position I would feel the still and all clearance, but for the present there is nothing that you or I can do down it. You are unmoving officially on leave, why don't you have a ball a week or two together."
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Eliza looked at her sister, silhouetted by the window’s happy-go-lucky. “Do you want me to let him in?”

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Neither man saw Susan duration in the hallway, her hand over her mouth. A satisfied smile was forming on her face as the young owner grabbed Bill.
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‘Shit I love your moans… You want that to be me touching your clit, don’t you?’ she asked.

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And then, just as quickly as it had begun, the battle had ended, the French captain having in the long run barreled out of his cabin with his pistol, solely to be knocked down past Paul Laphin and dragged over to where William was surveying the tantrum on deck. By then, his men had pulled undivided of the wealthy deck carronades into circumstances against the aft ladderway, and his Marines had surrounded the fore ladderway, effectively eliminating the chance for French reinforcements to storm the deck. Captain Marchand eventually returned to consciousness and was asked for his surrender. After his own ingenious study of the locale, he withdrew his sword from its sheath and offered it to William.
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