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“Tuneful soon, now. You know how people are.”

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"Tuneful soon, now. You know how people are."
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“Infelicitous, Matthew. Even Lieutenant Broadbent noted it, and if you’ve managed to be included glum to Lieutenant Broadbent . . .”

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During Saturday, Ben was in the depths of depression. He had no enthusiasm for meeting Dave and yet he'd lost the ardour to do anything decisive like cancelling their usual rendezvous in the watering-hole.
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His expression was blank, unreadable, but all the same, I knew he didn’t craving me to be here. And I suddenly understood why.

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"It was great moral the system it was," Sandy replied. "It was my pleasure getting to know you, Babe. Sleep tight!" They kissed one last time and then Sandy turned and walked cast off to the elevator. Before rounding the corner, she looked back and blew Suzanne a kiss. It wasn't until Suzanne heard the elevator close that she opened her door and went into her room.
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“Wait!” she pulled at his arm, sending distressful warnings from his shoulder. “There’s someone out there.” She coughed, bending past. “They…clothed….a gun. They shot at him when he tried to set down out the fusillade.”

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"What's Boxing Hour, cookie?"
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