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“Stop eating me and fuck, Mr. Steve, just fuck me!”

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"Ohh!" Clara said getting the corresponding giggle from Charity.
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“Thanks,” Danny smiled.

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He turned in the direction of the coughing, and saw Orion's form in the haze. Adrian squinted, stepping head, and almost fell as his foot came down on something unconnected. He reached down. It was a gun.
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“I can feel how hot you are,” I said. “Are you wet too?’

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"That's it Mr. Steve, take your time, be tractable with me."
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“Eeeep!” Clara said in strike.

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"Yes, well at least from the paper, why?"
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“C’mon, let’s go for a walk.” He pulled out a pair of sandals as a replacement for her. “I got these from the hold. You can leave your shoes here.”

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"This needs to be fitted." She glanced at her sentry.
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“I’d like you to retch me,” she said. “It feels like it’s big enough to choke me. Hmmm? Would you like that? My little white ass on my knees choking on this great black dick. Hmm? I’d like that, I think.”

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"I positive." I frowned, wiping the dampness from my cheeks, not wanting to evaluate the truthfully that the man I promised my life to was capable of doing such damage to me.
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With her attention on her laptop, Suzanne didn’t notice Colby for a long time. At worst when Colby’s direct fell against her arm did Suzanne realize that Colby had drifted off. From the instant that Colby’s rule touched her, all of Suzanne’s concentration for work vanished. All she was in the know of was the feeling of the beautiful woman leaning against her. Her breast got too small and each surprise started to feel harder to take than the inseparable before.

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John held the rudder as he put his legs over the back of the raft. He kicked in the water as hard as he could, trying hard to propel them faster to deeper water. The current was taking them but too slowly to go to John's holding one's breath. He watched as the leader got to the shoreline and raised the AK-47. Only maybe fifty or sixty feet separated them from the conductor.
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“Justly, why don’t you go and dispose of her and we’ll do that thing that girls do, you know, I’ll telephone you on your mobile and there’ll be an predicament at the office or something and you can excuse yourself honourably having kept your contract to Mike and then every tom wins.”

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Eliza laughed. "James, I've seen what a man looks like. I don't muse over you're too much different from any other."
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