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“You’re equitable ungrateful, that’s all it is. I at best want you to remember that if this works out, it’s purely because I found him for you. And I still think you could have made things work with Luke you understand, if you’d only changed-.”

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"Sounds like a good day." I offered. What the else was I supposed to say to that?
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As Colby and her friend Jillian came up the elevator, she gave Jillian one last foretoken look. As one of her best friends through college, Jillian insisted that Colby bring her up to meeting on her personal life. Once Colby finished filling her in, she also made it clear that she didn’t clearly approve of Suzanne. It had been contemporary on all period.

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"Show me," he said. "It won't change the the score that I love you." She cried out and moved away clumsily, staggering to his breakfast chair and clinging there as both their emotions filled her chief executive officer; fear, uncertainty, love, and something else, unnamed, unknown, observing. "Please don't say I'm about," Harry cried. "That, I'm imagining all these things. Just put me a certain thing; and if the answer is no, then I'll go around away and not bother you anymore." Harry paused, drew a deep shuddering breath, and looked to her where she stood, clutching the back of the chair. "Do you love me?"
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