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She looked at John, his balls red and his hands tight and started to laugh. “Oh, John… it’s you I tally like that but I will always love James… I’m just a thankful, friendly sister, that’s all.”

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Her laughter was infectious and the tension that was in bed with them got up and nautical port.
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Neither of them had seen James coming out of the darkness, holding his own gun. He knew the importance of being a wingman, even if the other herself didn’t know you were there.

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She was aware of that and it scared the lower world out of her. He was up to something and he wasn't playing fair either. Already, he was trying to earn her succumb to his wishes and give him the relationship he had wanted to start with. Just this morning, she had awoken up with a cadaver low between her legs and a husband that had his hands beneath her pyjama pants, working on her clit.
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Colby couldn’t keep from notice that Sandy’s eyes met Suzanne’s as she said that. Her gaydar was already usual off. It wasn’t as if she was on the prowl, but still it didn’t appear fair. “Well, I’ll have a martini,” she said which caused the bartender to look at her. Colby saw that her eyes were green. “If I was on the prowl…,” she thought to herself with the tiniest exhalation.

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"You already know what off one's feed of take off I used to be," he began quietly. "Tim cast-off to telephone me 'Love-'em-'n'-desert-'em Luke'." He winced slightly. "With good reason. I really couldn't tell you just how many women there were. I didn't sleep with them all but I slept with quite a few. Mostly fair-minded the once. I'm certainly not proud of it at times, but if I'm honest, I imagine I was at the time. It was like a game. To me, anyway. I doubt the women saw it that way."
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