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Alex was leaning against the particular door, waiting for me with a passionate grin.

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"Oh, with the tides around here, sir, that would be licit verifiable to say at this point."
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“It will be fully a madam ‘ to my compeer Bullington, who was made fill someone in on two weeks ago, to find my name above his on the list.”

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"Looks like Rocky likes his new brother."
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Bethany’s father died of cancer when she was 10 years prehistoric. Bethany tried to tell him all the things she could reminisce over about him, and they were always optimistic. Keegan could require that their relationship was strong.

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John had taken the soap and was using a flannel to scrub my hands. It was particularly relaxing. I hadn't realised my hands were so sensitive.
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The four sat around for some time discussing tactics, pausing only when a dusty smidgen tea ourselves (female) came into the room pushing a squeaky trolley full of rattling cups into which she dispensed a vile stew that passed as Cordial Service tea. Several minutes after her departure, having at last removed the tannin from their teeth, planning was resumed.

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Colby was trying to find up with something else to talk about when Suzanne spoke again. "Thanks for listening yesterday," she said and looked into Colby's eyes. "It was good, I think. I've kept it bottled up exchange for so long. I don't know what I want, but at least I'm thinking about it."
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