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“I know. Look I admit I did see the web site on her laptop. I didn’t prefer looking for it. I went to collect her tray one afternoon. She was asleep. The laptop was on. I couldn’t help seeing the web location she was looking at.” He knew he was gabbling but he was desperate to win Gloria over before she lost patience with him. “It never occurred to me she wasn’t just reading the stories. I never thought she could be writing stories like that.”

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"Okay, sweetie. Just subside me extend change and I'll be right in dire straits," Colby said aloud. She played out so much time there that she kept a t-shirt and pajama bottoms in the other bedroom, as well as some toiletries and a occasional other things like panties. For a subordinate, Suzanne's grip tightened as if she didn't want to welcome go. Then with a sigh, she let go. Colby hurried out and was back in a few minutes.
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