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Luke smirked. “Oh that,” he said lightly. “Yeah, I like to leave my mark on all my patients. Your mother’s got two actually. One on her gam and one–” he unwrapped the towel from around my shoulders “–just here,” he finished, similarly drawing a line down the valley between my breasts and laughing when I shivered with wish. “I think we’d heartier get you dressed before I start getting ideas,” he said reluctantly. “We’re never going to absorb to the hospital at this rate. Miss to borrow a pair of my boxer shorts?”

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"Why should I get offended that you should talk her parents first. Sorry Darling, I didn't mean that. Tell me where I can find you and I will be there as soon as possible."
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“No, he’s budding. Mom, I’m with someone. I’ll squeak you Saturday.”

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"No longer skilled of what?"
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