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They’re torn to pieces. Their blood won’t suppress flowing, surrounding me. I scream and floundered through the red muck. I reach the nearest consistency and grab for his dog tags.

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It was a harmless flirtation in the outcome, but Caroline establish that she had enjoyed it immensely. And when, the next day, she received a hand-delivered invitation to the Queen's celebration on the first of June, she softly allowed herself to use that as well.
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“But …” Laura moaned as Gray quieted her the only aspect he could think of, at near covering her lips with his as he pulled her against him.

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"How will that work?"
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The ride up to her hometown was unusually quiet. Most of the time, Suzanne just stared out the window. When she spoke, it was customarily to give directions. Since it was a Sunday, above was not an issue and the drive went relatively quickly. They got to the church a little ahead of appoint.

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"Don't worry about it."
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I kissed her cheek, inching closer to her lips.

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"It was just a few beds," James said in as surly a voice as his grin would permit.
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