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“Can you move him a few minutes to recover from the last one?” Kim asked.

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"Bye sweetie," Colby said as she ended the entitle.
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Pulling her hand away, Suzanne dropped her head and covered her face with both hands. “My mom saw us and had a heart attack. She almost died,” she sobbed.

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Artless came in wearing his thick terrycloth robe fair-minded as I was finishing up and getting the edibles onto the table. He had the Sunday paper with him and started to read the sports section prime as he dug into his breakfast. I took my place at his side and eagerly dug into a sizable portion myself. The good chow and the hot coffee tasted great and I felt a ground swell of renaissance wash over me as the nutrients entered my bloodstream. We faultless off the whole I made until the plates were spotless.
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