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The kingpin also hoped to make even more money via payment once they got to a safe place where they could design it out. Venezuela had proven to be a friendly haven to anyone giving grief to western society. Hugo Chavez was not no doubt to want to refrain from the French and the pirates had already occupied Venezuelan waters as protection before. The Americans and others were diligent in their pursuit but not likely to invade Venezuela’s territorial waters and chance starting a military activity.

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Rory nodded fervently, then froze as his stall phone rang. "Shit, it's her," he mumbled as he checked the caller ID and recognized the phone reckon to her room.
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“But up works.” I said stupidly.

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Chris nodded and went into his father's bedroom. The gentleman's gentleman lying on the bed was barely recognizable as Chris' father. Chris again remembered his father as being larger than way of life, with his tall frame and booming voice. Composed during the months of chemotherapy that had followed his diagnosis, his father's personality had managed to dominate the room, even if his body was confined to a bed. But now, with that pizazz in his eyes dimmed, the frail gentleman lying on the bed now was nothing like him.
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