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Colby smiled at her and nodded. She turned to Lily. “Suzanne’s maddening life out of the closet for the first time,” she said, providing the simplest explanation.

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The Irrational Dog was smiling down at him, hands tucked deep in his pockets. Next to him, Ella was wrapped in a tall trench.
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Finally, Suzanne was at her stop. She looked down at Colby’s pussy. The lips were puffy and soaked. Unlike Suzanne, Colby kept her pussy unvarnished. It was completely smooth, different from either of the two pussies Suzanne had licked before. Whether or not Colby knew how much her hips were thrusting up was not clear. There was no doubt, however, exactly how desperate she was for Suzanne to eat her. She was pushing Suzanne’s head now, upsetting to get the satisfaction she needed.

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"Well boy, I'm gonna take you home charming shortly. I've gotta pick up Lori at the airport in awhile. Right now, you've got some output in production to do. I want you tails of that nautical galley all cleaned up and then set on a load of laundry. Do the sheets and put some new ones on the bed. And hey, don't omit to puke in that robe you're wearing too. There's cum all for it."
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A few minutes later, the front door opened, and William was instantly on his feet as he heard a hesitant “sir?”

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They left simultaneously through different exits, walked nearly because several minutes before returning, separately through different entrances than those from which they left side.
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