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I love you, Jimmy. I want to walk with you at my side… as my lover.”

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Afterwards we washed up - I'd wanted to leave it exchange for later, but John insisted he helped now and I class of liked that he did.
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As we laid cuddled up together, I let out a quiet sigh.

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She watches him, the confident business man isn't there, a man who is hurt is. He looks defeated, disappointed, like she broke him in two. Like he's talking to her with his eyes. She can only look at him, she knows... As he swallows and walks, yet watching her, as she's cowardly to move. Quits if she wanted to take a stand a reprove no words would come out. He walks straight past her and nods at the Bouncer as he exits. Amber turns to the door, and see's that he's gone. She now knew for sure she had ruined something amazing...
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“Why, Jimmy, what do you wish to sup?” As if she didn’t already know him by now.

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"Why, Jimmy, what do you wish to sup?" As if she didn't already know him by now.
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“That superiority just press me into making myself over a bit!” she thought then but realized what a scary brainstorm that was, and pushed it away.

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In despair, Caroline turned to William once again. Geoffrey's baronetcy had been a source of great arrogance to his former shipmates on the Superior, and a borrowed schooner full of volunteers subordinate to Matthew's captaincy quickly emptied Caroline's Dartmouth home of all of its books and furniture. Past the time William arrived in behalf of a visit, during the third week of April, the household was nearly complete.
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