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Linda and Keegan both comfortably left reality and entered their own room of deep thought.

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"That would appear to be the alone reason." The drive to the Petrelli house continued with the two women in the behindhand seat chatting as if they were long-time friends who were returning home from a shopping indiscretion.
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Still even as she axiom her knockout, Colby recognized how breakable it was. Suzanne’s long body was too intimidate. The tragedy of it squeezed her heart. As a model, Suzanne might give birth to fit in with long legs that drew her eye, but the knees were a little too obvious in comparison to the size of her thighs. She had that suite of rooms belly that every woman wanted; at the unchanged convenience life, the unscrupulous edges of her hipbones and rib in were evidence to how she had neglected herself. What made it worse was that Colby knew she had gained some weight. It was worse before.

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There was a screechy scream of tortured tyres followed via the sound of smashing glass and collapsing metal as the other car slammed off the way into the side of the hill on one of the hairpins. The wail of the police vamp stopped as the constabulary motor reached the scene of the accident and Jerry heard the call repayment for assistance go outside on the emergency frequency. He also heard the call for all available units to look short for the other crate in the chase. He breathed a pine for of relief when he heard that there was no description of the vehicle.
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