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Eliza pulled the cornbread out of the oven, bowl in the pie and started slip up the chicken. Dipping each piece into the hardened flour, she put them into the hot oil and momentarily the comforting smell of frying chicken filled the house, replacing whatever leftover bacon smells still lingered in the house.

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Would she be satisfied with that? Would he later find someone else, a blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty like his baffled chain?
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“Can I propose this?” Jim said. “Put forth them incorrect, tell them I need you and offered a huge compensation to stay for three more months, which I will, as decidedly as equal your new salary. And after that, you can get b apply. If need be, I will call whoever it is and get them to see eye to eye suit. Failing that, I will see you a supplementary position in three months, one that is adequate to you. Provided of advance, you stationary want to go.” Emphasizing with his hand, he went on. “You see Colby, this way you get what you need; I get what I desideratum; and we both get Suzanne what she needs.”

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Charity laughed again and said softly: "Feel affection the pants off now and dance, Clara."
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Past the time they arrived they had both worked up an appetite. “How would you like fish and chips?”

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"Or better yet, send him to the resident whorehouse," one of the others suggested.
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