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“I suppose I had better. Where is it?”

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"Her matriarch knew Catherine had to leave Europe. The time to come was in America and so we were married. She was sixteen and eager to have someone to lady-love; all the eligible men were gone.
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“I was just following orders. By the manner you saw nothing, catch on to?”

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"... no...?" I waited, but he only listened. "Probably Sarah." I teased.
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“Me? I really don’t understand, James. What does the collection tease to do with me? This won’t be fit… colored gal with a bunch of white people… there were no colored people in El Segundo” ‘…at least, until now.’

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He lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed them. "Tim blames my womanising on the fact I'm a short arse," he said, with another rather defamation-faced smile. "Now he's a clinical psychologist so maybe I should accept that he knows advance than me but I think it's a piss poor mitigation. Yes, I got bullied a bit in primary school in favour of being, shall we say, vertically-challenged? But it wasn't like anything else was ever a problem. I was a smart kid but I wasn't a geek. I liked wisdom, it came easy to me. I still had time to be the category boor. And I guesstimate when I wound my teens, flirting with the girls was good of a natural progression."
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I huffed. I was going to deny it. “Yes, I’m jealous. You’re mine. I’m not gonna let someone steal you away from me.”

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"I suppose so. Will you do that for me?"
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“Yes. I am assuming that they haven’t had a chance to put any bugs in the flat or a tap on this line, in fact I’m sure of the obtain because we can custodian the line, but it on only be a matter of in good time before they do so I want you to essay and keep one step ahead of them for the next few days.”

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"Okay. I'll start with the list we got character the Feds and check them out. What we might do is essay and flush them out."
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