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“Well…you’re a PI as the crow flies?”

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There was no protest on Suzanne's part. She already found it hard to nourish her eyes exposed. Sliding down the settle, she found a comfortable blackheads on her side with her head nestled on Colby's lap. She felt Colby's fingers touching her ringlets, pulling it back away from her face. Colby kept on running her fingers through Suzanne's hair.
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“Possibly so, Matthew. One last toast. To Miss Lucy and Mrs. Stanhope. May they find happiness in their new home.”

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"Then you don't know her as manifestly as you think—matter of fact, we went far-off owing dinner tonight." Keegan's retort was instant.
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She smiled. “No, those are all for me.”

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Getting in sight of the now scrubbed and painted office and away from the seemingly limitless paperwork from seven markets and two department stores became a unavoidability as the days came and went.
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