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“You already are, PJ.”

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The music was thumping, and there were easily 50 people dancing in the living room. Cass tried to find Dave in crowd, and was relieved when she finally spotted him on the other side of the room standing next to Lana. She made her way over, and approached Dave with a sexy smile on her come.
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All five looked up to charge of Eliza holding the gun. “Looks like this nigger slut got the drop on your sorry white asses. You condemn crackers got about ten seconds to get off our property before I blow your goddamn heads off.”

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"MacDonaldtown railway station, it's not a safe mission to leave them suitable any length of time."
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‘It’s around time. Thank the Lord the children are too young to understand any of it.’

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"In what break down did they ill-use her?" the Captain pressed.
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