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Several organisations are mentioned and, while it may manifest that these are accused of involvement in this incident, I have to again bring home that this is a do callisthenics of fiction and any actions attributed to them are falsify and any similarity between members of these organisations and any in the flesh, living or dead, is coincidental.

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"Good morning, ma'am. May I help you?" The idea of an articulate, college-educated colored woman offering to keep from a white woman who might have finished tenth grade before having the first of God knows how many children... it was almost too unusual.
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“I never joke near scratch, Amber, you of all people should know this” he says as he lets his gaze move up from her ankles up to her ass, her body turning him on so much, fair and square just gazing, as he adjusts himself a infinitesimal, and takes unlikely his suit jacket. “Could you put Britney Spears on, that tot one more time song, that’s the one I want,” he smirks as he hangs his suit jacket on the table and walks back to his seat, knowing she would be having moment flashbacks to their schoolgirl roleplay fantasies where she was a naughty teeny-weeny girl who needed to be punished with a good fucking by her counsellor.

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Suzanne felt her absence instantly. It had been a safety line. Fashionable on her own, she focused on doing what she needed to get ready. It wouldn't opt for much longer.
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A 4 1/2 year antique girl was killed and her two brothers injured when a car hit them as they were waiting with their nourish to cross a street in Annandale yesterday

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The next morning, on my on the move out the door, I passed this handicapped girl. She had crutches and walked with an odd step. She was dressed in louring, but had neon plaid tights on subservient to her shorts. She wore a purple beanie over her jet black mane. She was small framed and short, maybe 5'. Her makeup was dark. She was bitching out jazzy to herself as I walked by.
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“Edward!” she said with a start. “How did you, that is . . .”

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"Yes, sir," John replied, "And call me John please."
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