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“The ‘how’ we are about to agree to a major dent in the supply chain, the ‘when’ will that it’s episode as we speak in the future our American crony has a unforeseen to alert his superiors and have the channel on the way closed down. Now let me explain the ‘how’ in more detail.”

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She looked at me, smiling sheepishly.
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“How much cleavage do you want?” He thought about it, then sent her to line it herself.

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"Tim's a clinical psychologist?" In some way I found it hard to find creditable that the enfold guy I'd seen on the beach was also a doctor.
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In the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, Bethany Rose moved her leg against her husband’s thigh and quietly placed her pointer on him. He almost dropped the pan he was holding as her approaching massaged him through his pants.

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"Only what I read in the papers Minister."
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“I, uh… not ever mind.”

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"What I mean is that I have waited so long for the moment when I am actually more to make love to a man that I feel so totally well off with."
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Pulling distant, Piper looked at her. “Are you okay?” she asked, as her fingers stroked the back of Suzanne’s neck.

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"And you still don't wish for to go to the loo to the hospital?" she stated. I wasn't terribly sure if her words were in the form of a statement or a question.
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