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“As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, Tony knows some people who have had some dealings with them and there have been rumours of people conveniently committing suicide after falling foul of them.”

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"So you over recall you should do something you don't want for someone you love do you?"
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“Well was I presumed to sit around waiting for you?” She answered playfully.

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"What if they know that your people are in place before they move?"
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Hello there, Sorry this has taken a while I have been laid up with tonsilitis and writers erase – not the pre-eminent combination. Am glad you all hate Roni with such ferocity, she is a gripe isn’t she!. Once again, thanks very much in the service of your comments and please continue to do so – it’s such a great character for me to learn. Thanks completely much again and I hope you appreciate this complete. This should be the second last chapter in the Tori and Greg roman-fleuve!

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Undivided night Suzanne was lying in the bed with Tuptim purring on her lap. She was trying to read an engineering recount but not making any burgeon. It slipped from her hand as she lay back against the pillows piled up behind her. Her fingers scratched behind Tuptim's ears, feeling the rumbling of her purr radiating out. When she paused seeking a moment, the little cat looked up at her with blue eyes and made a little meow.
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“And have him out of gaol in two minutes because he pleads that he knew nothing of this running, nothing of what Frankie did in his spare time and has a water tight alibi for this morning like he was at the six o’clock best at St Marys or something.”

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"I had nothing to do with this Kiki, the boys must've set this up. Now that the frat's most fit bachelor is charmed I guess they wanted to impress you so it would weather it."
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