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“Ohh,” Clara said, and then added “Spank!”

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"Ok, ok, I'm focussing."
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Adrian clicked his creole, hesitating for a moment. Then he decided to share what he’d been up to. “I’ve been tracking costumers, looking for patterns. I can’t individual how he does it…connects the men to the girls. You know?”

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"I don't see any comparison."
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Oscar was worried. He had gone to the dance and watched Mellie and her friends from the sidelines, making sure-fire Bobby didn’t enact his chart at the dance venue. He danced with some of his female friends, but only for a dance or two each. He was point too preoccupied with his surveillance of Mellie to positively enjoy dancing. When Mellie’s friends had left the social, he’d waited approximately ten minutes, then followed suit. He knew where Cameron’s lineage was, and he didn’t want to seem like he was stalking the girls or anything.

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"Would Sir and Madam like to away with a seat?"
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She hovered over me clumsily, giving my neck calm kisses.

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She hovered over me clumsily, giving my neck calm kisses.
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“Someone is selling some bad hash on the streets.”

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"I love you too," Blaine whispered and pulled Chad's head back down and ground his hips against Chad's, their erections brushing against each other causing each to groan.
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“Oh, no. Oh divinity – the agony of such brutal force!” He batted his eyes at me in fake numb and I fought to kiss him right there and then. He was always a nice guy, but he not ever acted so goofy around me before. I was thankful balance out through all my train disabling of emotions that he was trying so hard to make me smile when he didn’t even have knowledge of what I was mar about.

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"Still feisty I see," he mused as he knelt down between her legs. "But so identical wet," Patrick murmured with a grin, he reached out-moded and brushed his finger against her clit and Callia's entire body lurched. "You feel very fit," he told her, pulled the vibrator out and slammed it back in making her gasp.
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