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Dockside at the Aloha Tower, Honolulu

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So there you are. Harry Zheng is alive and well and pretending to be the President of Orient Pacific Imports. I'm surrounded through relatives, friends, and new employees. It's all come about accident, or at least that's what if feels like. Who'd pull someone's leg thought a sea biologist would be caught up in high finance and big business administration. I sure not ever did.
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“We both would thanks,” said Jane, “and not any of that mass produced bunkum either, a pint from the one-time barrel in the basement.” She turned to Bryan, “You wait till you liking this beer, it’s a local brew and leaves the city bullshit for insensible.”

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"Janine," I supplied automatically.
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“Yes, I have to tell you a big secret or he will tell you himself sooner than the end of this week.”

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"Shut up, I'll be fine."
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