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I watched Mum’s veneer confront enliven again, saw the burn of understanding in her eyes. And as he began to describe what had happened, keeping his explanations simple and to the score, I felt a strange quick-wittedness of egotism as I listened. This was Luke, my Luke. The skilled surgeon who’d known what to do, how to prepare her better, how to save her life. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be competent to thank him ample supply.

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"'ve came twice today," he whined and ran his hand down his chest.
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“I think,” John said echoing her tiredness.

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"Good morning, sister, dear. I trust you slept well." Bethany Rose stretched her arms into the air, yawning for effect, forgetting the robe was never tied proper for she had tempered to the sash for another one of his bedroom games.
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“You’re not Geoffrey.”

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"That's great! I'm so turned on, I can't wait to see it."
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