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“Remember what I said?” Chad murmured as he kissed down Blaine’s case, nibbling his nipple again then licking between his abs.

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"Exposition go mate! I've been there all day. I need a break. Apart from that, I procure a prior engagement with a assured very attractive person of the female scale model persuasion that I'm looking forward too. I tell you what, I'll set up the operation, instil in them the fear of the awesome wrath of the Managing Editor if they so much as sink before I keep my date."
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As a replacement for the first ten days afterward, the two of them had been exhibited, or so it seemed to Caroline, at parties all upwards London. And since William had spent most of the last week and a half at Portsmouth, overseeing the refitting and repair of the Wallace, Caroline had largely been on her own in support of the most late-model routs. She had particularly enjoyed seeing Jane Arbuthnot and Katherine Packenham, who had simpered and gushed with equal skill.

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"All right, let's talk," he said. "I asked Al, here, to spend Thanksgiving with us... well, with you and me, as a matter of fact, so that I could plug his report and he could tell you what Jr. had experienced.
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“They are in the keep of another company boss. These two seem to be at each other’s throats.”

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"They are in the keep of another company boss. These two seem to be at each other's throats."
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