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“I don’t know. My coxswain said only that she was assaulted. Two of my men are bringing her here, and others are seeking her attackers.”

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And, instead of morning coffee, she made him hot chocolate. Eliza watched the two sitting there, together, almost touching each other, sitting there like newlyweds. Newlyweds, white newlyweds... Henry never treated her that feeling, that...
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Inside the house, she already was his de-facto wife. The nightly sex in her dreams aroused and frustrated her. In her resolution, it was the last piece to the puzzle of her life. Oh, she was so…

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"My renown?" Caroline gasped.
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“No, I’ll come to your apartment later.” Scott said as he stormed out again, unsatisfying to say so much more, but he wasn’t steadfast he could prevent himself from kissing her senseless, making her submit to his touch as she had before.

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"If you must know we are heading to the The gendarmes Station in Wyong."
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