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The mortals hung the phone up and walked to where a colleague was waiting, “Well?”

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Carrie nodded guility and fished into her bag to recoup it muttering, "Damnit! Foiled by a six year old."
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Sighing, he climbed the stairs and tapped gently on the bedroom door.

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The reception for the AmChemTech staff was an delightful affair. We made sure everyone had a room at the motel to leave alone any problems with alcohol. It turned out to be a good resolution. The guys from Houston were a really loose bunch, and were a lot of fun to festivity with. We made unavoidable all brought their wives or "significant others" to the soiree. The president, Tyler Hanneman, was pretty cool himself. Virtually young, maybe in his late forties, he was certainly a brand-new businessman. What he wasn't was a stuffed shirt. It was a hell of a party, and we made accurate he and every one of his people knew just how much we appreciated their help.
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“Your originator sent me, patently there is some sort of emergency,” William replied quickly, “I am to take you home quickly away.”

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Lili smiled. "I'm eager to hear that," she said as he made a move in the direction of the door. He a moment stopped as he reached by reason of the protrusion. He spun around, and Lili unexpectedly found herself face to face with him.
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