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Dockside at the Aloha Tower, Honolulu

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So there you are. Harry Zheng is alive and well and pretending to be the President of Orient Pacific Imports. I'm surrounded through relatives, friends, and new employees. It's all come about accident, or at least that's what if feels like. Who'd pull someone's leg thought a sea biologist would be caught up in high finance and big business administration. I sure not ever did.
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She stared at the closed door and cried. She turned upwards on her bed and buried her head into her pillow, sobbing.

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"When I was in high-pitched school, I had to stir extraordinarily energetic for my grades. There were people in my class that got plumb A's without even trying, but that wasn't me. I barely had a collective life. I would study for hours a daytime, and still sometimes I'd have to do extra credit. But I got my 4.0.
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“Me? I really don’t understand, James. What does the collection tease to do with me? This won’t be fit… colored gal with a bunch of white people… there were no colored people in El Segundo” ‘…at least, until now.’

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He lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed them. "Tim blames my womanising on the fact I'm a short arse," he said, with another rather defamation-faced smile. "Now he's a clinical psychologist so maybe I should accept that he knows advance than me but I think it's a piss poor mitigation. Yes, I got bullied a bit in primary school in favour of being, shall we say, vertically-challenged? But it wasn't like anything else was ever a problem. I was a smart kid but I wasn't a geek. I liked wisdom, it came easy to me. I still had time to be the category boor. And I guesstimate when I wound my teens, flirting with the girls was good of a natural progression."
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