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“It was mostly John’s doing,” Em stated, glowing with pride for him and herself too.

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"We will, 'bye Mama." Jenny hung up the phone and turned to Russell. "I suppose that you heard that?"
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“Hello?” Cal answered his phone, nibbling on a piece of bread port side on the other side of from dinner.

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"In all seriousness, Caroline?"
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“Wishes we still father Chinese comfy movie nights?”

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Kim grunted with effort as he set an odd machine down carefully on the floor near Raeden's feet. "Hey, Raeden, this is Dr. Marcus," he said breathlessly. "He's agreed to treat your hands and feet with electroregen."
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“So you went exposed and out a fortune on me, even though you barely know me, because you wanted to keep me safe?” I questioned, with as much of a grin as I could shift for oneself. I couldn’t stop my heart from reacting to the selflessness in her actions.

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He shook his precede and pushed her harder. "Just shut up and take my cock."
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