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He red the kitchen with the steaks. They were at least an inch bulky and must have weighed a half-pound each. That was more meat than her sister could silage her children all month. Perhaps, with the food he had delivered, they would be able to eat better.

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Tori walked him to the front door, and opened it, biting her lip and Greg followed her frowning. He watched her open the towards door as if to acquit him out and he took a footstep advance and closed it, pushing her gently against it.
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“It was… fine.” Rochelle made an angered bedlam before sucking her teeth.

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"And it was also you that insisted on lacing a bunch of Hashish with Heroin just to catch a glimpse of what it would do. You couldn't leave well enough unescorted, could you? And while we're at it who was it that insisted on conducting some unitary vendetta against the very people who discontinue down your undersized operation which resulted in at least three members of that Interpol unit meeting with untimely accidents. You did that because they closed down your operation. We had other operations running as well, yours meant little in the inclusive scheme of things. Shit, putting heroin into hash."
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“Fuck! Suzanne, take me to bed! Please!” Colby gasped as she pulled away from the kiss for a second or two.

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"Sound, work was okay. I had a doctor's appointment today though."
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